Yann Mumber, Le Jardin Nelumbo

Yann Mumber

I have always been a fan of Yann Mumber’s enthusiasm for water gardening.   He’s someone who works to share his … Vervolgd

Beveiligd: Mission accomplished, first episode

Er is geen samenvatting, omdat dit een beveiligd bericht is.

Gianluca Bonomo /

Gianluca Bonomo

Of course a lot of our articles in the past, talked about botanical gardens, hybridisers, private gardens…  The wonderful thing … Vervolgd

James Knock

James Knock

A lot to look forward to James Knock was a little mystery to me, I saw all these pictures of … Vervolgd

Andreas Protopapas

Andreas Protopapas

The first time we heard about Andreas Protopapas and his hybrids was in London in 2010. We were visiting Kew … Vervolgd

Noriyuki Kato

Nymphaea Miroku

It took us almost 5 years to finish this article.  No, we were not busy writing for the past 5 years… But, … Vervolgd

Zijun Li

Zijun Li

We saw pictures of his hybrids circulating on the internet and became very interested in the story of this Chinese hybridiser  Zijun Li. … Vervolgd

Florian Henaux

Nymphaea Reine du bal

France’s hidden wonderboy When we visited Latour-Marliac Nurseries, back in 2013, we had an interesting and pleasant talk with the … Vervolgd

Midway Water Gardens

Nymphaea Pink Dawn

We’ve contacted Dustin Machinsky, because we are a big fan of his wonderful hybrid, Nymphaea Pink Dawn. While mailing back … Vervolgd


We were very curious where the name Cliff Tiffany for this beautiful waterlily came from. The easiest way to find … Vervolgd